Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rama Rama Krishna Krishna@Movie Review Telugu 2010

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Presented by: Smt.Anitha
Cast: Arjun, Ram, Priya Anand, Bindu Madhavi, Nassar, Benerjee, Brahmanandam, Srinivas Reddy, Prathibha, Gracy Singh, Prithvi, Raghu
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram
Dialogues: M.Ratnam
Choreography: Shobi, Prem Rakshith
Editing: Gowtham raju
Art: AS Prakash
Cinematography: Sekhar.V.Joseph
Music: M.M.Keeravani
Produced By: Dil Raju
Story-Screenplay-Direction: Srivass


Ashok deva (Arjun) is a gangster in Mumbai and his wife gets killed in a Gang war-Ashok Leaves Mumbai and leads a fresh life with his sisters in a village in east Godavari District. Rama Krishna (Ram) is a young guy who fights for the right and doesn’t believe in Love. Rama Krishna’s elder Brother falls in love with Ashok’s Sister, What happens to their love story? To where does this story lead to- Forms the remaining plot.


Arjun suited to the role well. He has given a controlled and commendable performance. Ram is energetic and engages us with his histrionics and good dances. Priya Anand is okay and looks cute in half sarees. Bindu Madhavi is passable and doesn’t leave a mark. Brahmanandam evokes some laughs. The remaining cast has done reasonably well. Art and Cinematography are good. Editing could have been better. Music By keeravani is Average. Story is old formatted one with beaten Screenplay and Direction is good in parts.


Jr.NTR has given the voiceover for the introduction of the hero’s characterization. Ram is energetic and hyper active as usual (even does a bit of over action in a couple of Scenes).He danced well in the songs. Arjun is definitely a Plus to the Movie. He dubbed his Voice and it suited well. Nassar is okay as village head. Priya Anand is okay but Bindu Madhavi appeared out of place as a village Belle. Gracy Singh has done a guest appearance.

This movie is 200th Film of Music director Keeravani; the songs can be rated as Average numbers. The songs looked not so appealing (frankly speaking boring at times) on the screen. “Title Song” (Rama Rama Krishna Krishna), “Lera Chanti” and “Ooh la laa” are catchy and melodious. Ananth Sriram has given some meaningful lyrics. Background Score has come up well.

Srivass who delivered a hit in the name of LAKHSYAM (2007) has come up with another flick which has action, entertainment and sentiment in equal shares. Neither the story nor the Scenes are new to Telugu Audiences but the Director has taken care in establishing the characterizations well. Ram’s Characterization was good. The pre-Interval episode created some curiosity. Brahmanandam’s Introduction Scenes evoked some laughs in the theater. The story and Screenplay are predictable but the characterizations and performances made it a bearable watch. Dialogues by M.Ratnam are good (even though there are a couple of double entendres).Performances lifted the movie to the next level. Cinematography by Sekhar was good; the lighting Scheme adopted in the Songs is admirable. The Graphics are not done to perfection. Poor work by the VFX department. The production values are rich.

The first half is adequate with a balance of action and entertainment. The second half focuses more on emotions and sentimental Scenes. Overall it’s a clean family Entertainer with a good blend of Action Scenes. There are fair Chances of becoming a Hit, Dil Raju may Strike gold (If this clicks at the Box office) after a Series a flops. The fate of the movie it completely depended on how well it gets received by the masses.
Plus: Performances, Entertainment and family elements

Minus: Old Story and Screenplay
Verdict: Family Entertainer and a good time pass flick in this Hot Summer.
Rating: 3.0/5.0