Friday, June 4, 2010

Rajneeti @movie review 2010

rajneeti movie

Film: Rajneeti
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpayee, Nana Patekar, Sarah Thompson
Genre: Drama
Direction: Prakash Jha
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
Pros-Powerful acting and a superb thrilling-like narration. Cons-Gets a little confusing in the beginning. Introduction-Prakash Jha’s new Hindi film, Raajneeti, takes a hard-hitting and no non sense view of Indian politics. We all know how dirty, cruel and ruthless politics can be and Jha has managed to impress us with his accurate portrayal of engaging situations and characters which often crosses the thin line between the good and the evil. Even though there have been speculations that the movie is loosely based on the life of Sonia Gandhi, Jha seems to have based his film on two main sources-Godfather and our very own epic Mahabharata. Well people might cry hoarse how Jha took inspiration, but we don’t really mind it, simply because we loved getting engrossed in the ruthless battle for power and victory. Plot- Cousins Veerendra Pratap Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) and Prithvi Pratap Singh(Arjun Rampal) play heirs of a powerful political part and when Prithvi is given greater responsibility, Veerendra gets offended. To take revenge, a he joins hand with backward class leader Sooraj (Ajay Devgan).His motive is to evict Prithvi from the party at any cost. Meanwhile Prithvi’s younger brother Samar (Ranbir Kapoor) is happy leading a quiet and peaceful life abroad. However change of circumstances brings him back to his roots and thereafter he starts getting more and more entangled in this complex war for power. Thereafter he learns rules of the game pretty fast and has got senior party and family member Brij Gopal (Nana Patekar) to guide him. He takes charge of the messy political condition of the state and makes Prithvi contest against Veerendra.

The battle then shifts to the election grounds and this is what forms of the crux of the film. General Reviews-All the actors have given power packed and compelling performances. While Ranbir and Arjun are brilliant in their respective roles, Katrina has given her heart and soul in this role. She is extremely convincing, so much so that it makes you wonder what made Ranbir choose a thanda foreigner over this spunky woman. Manoj Bajpayee shines once again in this role and it makes you remember his brilliant performances in films like Satya and Zubeida. Ajay Devgan returns once again to his angry-man avatar and we are absolutely mesmerized by his brooding and intense character. The script does not undermine the intelligence of the audience and the narration is extremely fast. Though it’s a little confusing in the beginning, but soon we find ourselves getting sucked into this drama more and more. Conclusion-We would say go for it. If you have become bored these days watching mindless comedies or scripts that fail to provide any logic, it’s time you experience the magic of a brilliant story coming alive before your eyes.

Vedam@movie review 2010 june 4

Rating : 4 / 5
Star Cast : Allu Arjun, Manchu Manoj,Manoj Bajpai, Anushka Shetty, Deeksha Seth, Lekha,Saranya, Ravi Prakash,Nagayya and others.
Directed by : Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi (Krissh)
Produced by : Prasad Devineni, Shobu Yarlagadda
Gist : A Honest and Brave Attempt.
Story :

The entire story consists of four different tracks which are not related to each other but finally meets each other in the climax.

1. Cable Raju who dreams of becoming rich
2. A Prostitute, Saroja
3. A rich youth who aspires to make it big in Music.
4. Padma who sells her kidneys to get her son free from slavery and educate him
5. Rahimuddhin Khureshi, who is tired of living amidst people where every muslim is seen as a terrorist.

Direction and Music :

Firstly, I whole heartedly appreciate Krrish for attempting such a superb movie. It is extremely difficult to maintain the tempo in all the tracks in which he failed eventually to a large extent I should say but he made it all with an excellent climax.
He extracted the best performance from the entire cast. Unfortunately, he failed to synchronise all the tracks.
Keeravani's Music is a big let down in this movie. Songs could not bind audience to their seats. Rupayi song is superbly picturised.

Performances :

Movie started with showing Allu Arjun as a Day dreamer who tries to rope in Pooja (Deeksha Seth) to become rich. The real actor in Arjun is out only when he tries in all the ways to grab money for new year party. He finally ends up stealing money from . The pain he undergoes after that is excellently exhibited. Particularly when he says"Nenu Nakili Manishini", "Thappai poyindhamma". later when Allu dies saving the lives of many people from terrorists, What Raghu Babu says is exactly right, "Saavu ki Savochindhira". Anand Raju Character will live in audience hearts for long long time.
Manchu Manoj never ceases to surprise me with the kind of roles he is choosing. He is simply superb in his character as Rock star. The emotion he has show when he is beaten by Bajrangdal activists , when he tries to save a pregnant lady is awesome.
He finally ends up his life along with Allu to save people will let the audience in gloom.
Manoj Bajpai is awesome in his role as a muslim who loses his unborn twins in a Hindu Muslim fight. The scenes between him and police officer, Ravi prakash would have set audience under current but a lot of the dialogues between them were silenced by the censor.
Anushka is good in the little role offered to her. Her character is more limited to a guest appearance except to utter some wonderful dialogues every now and then. Deeksha Seth and Lekha are more subdued as heroines in every big movie these days.
Special mention to Saranya who acted as Padma. What an actress she is ! It looked like motherhood personified when she sells kidney to free her son from slavery and educate him.

Final Say :
First half of the movie is very slow. Second half more towards the climax is spell bound. Comedy track is missing in the movie. A surely Award winning movie and will be a favourite for people who love the class of movies like Gmya, Prasthanam. Commercial success of the movie depends more on how mass audience in B, C Centres receive it. Three cheers from my side to the entire film unit especially the director.